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Foot and Ankle Therapy

Ankle and Ligaments

Foot and Ankle Injuries can happen to anyone at any age.

Our feet are made up a complex set of bones, joints, tendons and muscles that work together to allow us to walk, stand, balance, and perform other day-to-day activities.. An injury to the foot and ankle area disrupts a persons foot movement and balance. People who suffer foot and ankle injuries are likely to re-injure themselves.  But, Hands on Physical Therapy Commack can help you build strength, correct your gait, and most importantly prevent you from being re-injured. 

Our therapists are qualified to treat Plantar Fasciitis, Fractures, Sprains, Bunions, Achilles Tendinitis, Turf Toe, Heel Spurs, and other less common foot and ankle injuries. Their expertise combined with our technology, like our Anti-Gravity treadmill, will show you how to live life, pain free and help you to heal. 

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