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Functional Capacity Evaluations


Quantifying Injuries and Abilities

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE's) are a comprehensive, structured, valid and reliable performance based test to measure, quantify & determine an individual's capacity to perform functions of daily life and work.


FCE's can help determine

  • Safe maximal function at maximal medical improvement

  • Safe maximal function for return to work

  • Current functional abilities to return to work

  • Disability

  • Return to work decisions

  • Residual functional ability & disability

  • Prevocational baseline functional ability

  • Injured has achieved pre-injury status

  • Need for further treatments or referrals

  • Outcomes at the conclusion of treatments

  • If specified job tasks can safely be performed by modifying technique or equipment

FCE can help find out if:


  • You are safe to return to work

  • You need more treatments to return to work

  • You need restrictions at work

  • You need job modifications to return to work

  • You need special equipment & training to return to work




Do I need a referral for FCE's?

Yes, you need a referral and letter of medical necessity from your treating doctor.


When is FCE required for workers compensation claimants?

When Medically necessary at the point of maximal medical improvement, at least three months post injury and when the claimant is preparing to return to previous job or been offered a new job or claimant is rehabilitating to return to work.


Who is qualified to perform a FCE?

FCE's should be performed by a New York Licensed Physical or Occupational Therapist or other physicians qualified by the scope of practice.


Does workers comp insurance pays for FCE's?

If you have medical necessity and qualify for specific requirements workers compensation carrier will pay for FCE's.

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