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How AlterG Can Help You Heal From Leg Injuries


With so many basic things in life that require legs, an injury can put everything on hold. Suddenly taking a dog for their daily walk is a challenge; going out to buy groceries becomes grueling, even just trying to move around one's own home is suddenly taxing. Physical therapy can be a solution, but even with that, it often requires long periods before the leg is back to its original health and strength. Limits have to be set to prevent an even more debilitating injury from occurring. With these circumstances, it can be easy to become glum about the journey to recovery. But there is a way to push the limits of what the patient can do but still provide a safe way for leg injuries to recover. The way is the AlterG, an anti-gravity treadmill that can allow its users to strengthen their legs without the risk of worsening the injury. With this treadmill, a life-changing experience can be given to those who are struggling with any type of leg injury. 


What is the AlterG, and what can it do?


The AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill that enables its users to stand, walk, and run more easily by using NASA patented technology. It does so by limiting how much the patient's weight puts pressure on their legs, with the limitations going as high as 80%. This gives users the ability to move around to strengthen their legs and relearn how to use their gait without the risk of exacerbating their current leg injury. As shown in several case studies, the diminishing of pain during physical therapy makes it far easier for patients to go through their sessions and can speed up the process of healing. The Stride Smart Gait Analysis Software is one of the things that makes the AlterG stand out from similar treadmills. One of the things it does is allow patients to provide input on their pain level; the machine can adapt sessions to be more comfortable for their users. Also, it provides data to physical therapists to get a clearer picture of the needs and limitations of their patients quickly so they can adjust the treatment as needed. Moving around with a leg injury during physical therapy can appear like a herculean task becomes far more manageable thanks to the AlterG.


Physical Therapy in Commack


For those seeking physical therapy in Commack and are tempted by the idea of a treadmill that eases the difficulty of making their injured legs stronger and relearning how to move their gaits, United Rehab Physical Therapy can help out. With the combination of the trained professionals and the AlterG, patients can find out what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong on their journey to a full recovery. With this technology, we can push the limits of what the patient can do, but we will never put their safety at risk. With the help of the real-time information the AlterG provides, our trained staff will develop the most effective and safe sessions for each patient specifically. We have been in business since 2008, and since that opening day, the most relieving physical therapy in Commack has been provided to our patients, as many will attest to. 


COVID-19 Policies


As many know, COVID-19 is still ongoing and will be for some time. We here at United Rehab Physical Therapy are complying with all advice and instructions from the local and state governments to ensure all those involved. To limit potential exposure, we are implementing several practices, including only taking in patients by appointment, screening all patients and staff, and our previously high standards for cleanliness are even higher now. 


We also offer free consultations via telephone to potential patients to discuss their issues and potential solutions that can be provided by us. Besides providing the most life-changing physical therapy in Commack, we are giving the safest services possible. You can find out more about how United Rehab Physical Therapy is trying to combat COVID-19 by clicking this link


Contacting United Rehab Physical Therapy


If you or someone you know has a leg injury that needs physical therapy, You can contact United Rehab Physical Therapy through this link to our website. Whether it be for a consultation or an appointment, we will accommodate you. Don't let the injury take over your life. With help, it's still possible to live without pain. 

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