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Rehab with Anti-gravity Technology from Alter G

Accelerate your Recovery


At Hands On Physical Therapy Commack we always strive to provide you with the most advanced treatments to accelerate your recovery & rehab. Technology like our AlterG - Antigravity Treadmill & Stride Smart Gait Analytics & Video Gait Analysis allow us to achieve this goal. 

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is revolutionizing rehab by allowing you to stand, walk, run and exercise with reducing impact, stress/strain on your body by utilizing patented NASA technology that allows unweighing up to 80% of your weight.


Stride Smart Gait Analytics provides amplified real time gait analysis data regarding weight bearing symmetry, step length symmetry, stance time symmetry, Cadence(Steps per Minute) allowing feedback to you and your Physical Therapist for gait corrections and enhance normal reciprocal walking or running following your injury or surgery.

Video Gait Analysis allows the ability to record & playback clips of your walking or running in slow motion to identify,  analyze & correct abnormal gait/stride patterns in runners and athletes.

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