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Hand Therapy

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Hand therapy is a specialized Physical therapy for diagnosis and treatments of condition effecting human hand from the shoulder to the fingers,


Patients seek hand therapy for an array of reasons. If your hands have been scarred, burned, fractured, or if you are suffering with injuries to your tendons or nerves- or even amputations of the fingers, hands or arms- Hands On Physical Therapy Commack can help accelerate your healing. We also treat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrometennis elbow, arthritis and neurological conditions, such as stroke. 


How can Hands On Physical Therapy Commack help? 

  • Physical therapy may eliminate the need of surgery

  • Alleviate recent or long-lasting pain

  • We'll help reduce sensitivity from nerve problems

  • We'll teach you how to feel again after a nerve injury

  • We'll show you how to complete everyday activities with special tools

If surgery is needed, our Hands On Physical Therapists can also help with your recovery. This may include assistance with helping wounds heal, preventing infection, scar management and reducing swelling.

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